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  Welcome to the home of PMT - the Pretoria Model Train club.

Feel free to explore our site and enjoy what we have on offer.

The goal of this web site is to give our members and visitors information regarding the activities at the club.  This site also contains information on how any of the committee members can be contacted.

PMT has a very active bunch of guys, and meet as regularly as possible. New photos of the most recent events will be put on the 'PMT Club photos' pages. As the permanent layout progresses photos will be added under 'Fixed Layout'

Please feel free to contact any of the committee members if you have any queries regarding membership or upcoming events, or if you might be interested in sponsoring us. We also have a very high quality club magazine, called 'Signal / Sinjaal'.  If you want to place an add, please contact our Editor.

A brief background

PMT is a model train club, based in Pretoria, the executive capitol city of South Africa (we also have a legislative and administrative capitol city, namely Bloemfontein and Cape Town respectively).  We operate model trains in HO scale, but we do not restrict members to a specific country / era regarding their models.  Our club uses the modular approach to model railroading, i.e.. we have various  'tables' or modules with track and scenery on it, that has to be set up before we start running trains, and broken down when we have finished running trains.

At the club we try to encourage a general interest in trains, and specifically aim at growing the hobby of model railroading.  In keeping to these goals, we try to arrange regular workshops for members, which can be in the form of a field visit to some railroad related facility. Demonstration / presentation type of workshops are also held. Occasionally a hands on workshop is arranged, usually to maintain our modules and to share skill with others.

Enjoy your visit to our station, and feel free to leave us a note in our guest book, or contact any of the committee members telephonically or by e-mail.



Important Dates
  • 3 March 2018 Emrig Benoni
  • 1 April 2018 Toy Fair Blairgowrie
  • 7 April 2018 PMT Swopmeet Pretoria
  • 26 May 2018 Crossroads Hobbies Krugersdorp
  • 23 June 2018 PMT Swopmeet Pretoria
  • 24 June 2018 Toy Fair Blairgowrie
  • 28 July 2018 Emrig Benoni
  • 25 August 2018 Crossroads Hobbies Krugersdorp
  • 29 September 2018 PMT Swopmeet Pretoria
  • 30 September 2018 Toy Fair Blairgowrie
  • 27 October 2018 Emrig Benoni
  • 25 November 2018 Toy Fair Blairgowrie
  • 8 December 2018 PMT Swopmeet Pretoria
  • 15 December 2018 Emrig Benoni

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